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On 9 February 1927 acquired Albert Lustenberger-Lustenberger with Anna the property and started a family and company history. He gave the restaurant the name "Thorenberg".


Construction of a fully automated bowling alley. The Thorenberg had previously already a Huber-Jost bowling alley in the middle of the restaurant.


Max and Marlis Lustenberger-Bucher took over the restaurant Thorenberg. With much effort was a small business emerged.


Founding families - Shareholding "Gasthaus Thorenberg AG" This foundation was also the starting shot for construction and remodeling.


31st March 1988 opening of the Gasthaus Thorenberg. Construction of new kitchen, a venue about 70 people. A restaurant 75 people. 3 new bowling alleys. Conversion of the old restaurants in a diner venue "Burgstube”. In the hotel sector has realized 8 guestrooms.


Since this year is the majority shareholding in the hands of Max and Monika Lustenberger-Kathrin, since 1988 the leadership and responsibility for this operation.


21st / 22 August A storm fills the entire basement with mud and water. Millions in property damage, 1 month downtime and construction - renovation in the basement.


On 25 October burn the old converted restaurant Thorenberg down. Thorenberg built in 1987 suffered major water and property damage. A new and reconstruction has been addressed.


3rd March reopening of the restaurant "Maximo" with a new operational concept. 17th Thorenberg October of the hotel with conference and banquet rooms. For the 3 bowling alleys were hotel rooms. The hotel offer was extended to 20 guestrooms.

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